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What is a Virtual Number?

Incoming client calls are forwarded to the preferred agents depending on consumer inquiries using a virtual number, which is a cloud-based number. Local and international virtual business numbers can help businesses reach a wider audience.

By providing a personalized journey through virtual numbers, you may communicate with your consumers on their preferred channel and streamline your corporate communication process. Businesses rely on virtual phone numbers as they are efficient and easy to use.

To improve customer engagement and evaluate the success of your employees, you can use call logs and actionable data insights on call performance.


Take care of many Numbers by one, with Virtual Numbers.

Live Call Dashboard

On a real-time call monitoring interface, keep records of your calls and receive precise data on ongoing, on-hold, and terminated calls.

IVR Integration

Give your business a unique identity with IVR that facilitates organizations to govern and oversee their telephony infrastructure with a click of a button.

Number Masking

Use this premium feature to link your customers anonymously with cab drivers, delivery people, or businesses.

SMS Alert

SMS alerts on the basis of Missed call, Answered Call, No Answer call to your agents.

Solution With Your Own Number

Use your own number for the solution and forward incoming calls to multiple extension at once.

Premium Number Availablity

Choose the toll-free number that is most suitable for advertising your brand from a range of premium numbers.

API Integration

Through our API which will be integrated into your CRM, you will have access to live tracking and data will be shared with you through google sheets.


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Get More at Minimal Expenses

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Better Conversion Rate

With our top-in-class CRM, have great management of your customers, and improve your conversion rates.

No Infrastructure

Avoid investing in an expensive on-site hardware setup. Virtual numbers let you avoid the inconvenience and cost of setup by redirecting calls to other numbers.

Every Call Recording

Every call communication is recorded in real time so that you can listen to it later and maintain quality standards.

Optimize Call Routing Efficiency

Maximize your value through optimized and smart call routing and enhance overall customer experience.

Number Masking

Use this premium feature to connect your clients with cab drivers, delivery guy, or merchants without disclosing their identity

Work from home

Using virtual numbers with different state codes will help you become more visible locally and nationally, even in WORK FROM HOME

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Omni Channel Solution

Everything at one place, that’s AIRSON. Set it and forget it.

99.99% SLA

Airson offers 99.99% SLA uptime industry standards to keep up your businesses.

Best In Class Pricing

Unbeatable pricing for telecom services on the market that offer best-in-class solutions.

24x7 Support

Technical support is available around-the-clock to improve your customer service and keep your business running smoothly.

API Integration

Connecting CRM and other third-party technologies will help you reinvent your business operations.

Ready to Use Cloud Telephony

Just choose the plan suits to you and start using ready to use our cloud telephony.