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What is an IVR Solution?

By using pre-recorded voice messages and Text to Speech technology, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology enables organizations to automate customer interactions in both inbound and outgoing calls. It operates on the DTMF input that the user enters. Use IVR to converse with callers and transfer them to agents as needed.

For your business to succeed, you must be reachable by your clients. It has been extensively studied how customer inaccessibility and the lack of a seamless channel for communication can have detrimental long-term consequences on your company’s success. This is where IVR comes into play and increases the efficiency and productivity of your business.



IVR Services will put a positive impact on your customer experience and make it better.


Multi-lingual Support

The 24×7 available IVR also supports Multi Languages for all corners of the country, which helps you to access every corner of the world.


Self Programmable IVR

Use customized IVR menu and call flow in a way that you think best serves your customers without relying on a specialist.


Establish Brand Image

On billboards or in print ads, promote your unique vanity toll-free number to acquire more relevant leads and customers.


3rd Party Integration

It’s an Omni Chanel solution where they can integrate our API into their CRM.


24 x7 Customer Support

By using AIRSON’s IVR, your business will be running 24×7 and your customers will be able to contact you at all times.


API Integration

Through our API which will be integrated into your CRM, you will have access to live tracking and data will be shared with you through google sheets.

Call Strategy Routing

You can opt for an ideal call strategy routing and choose between Sticky, Round Robin, Parallel Ring, or customized.


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Get More at Minimal Expenses


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer equals multiple folds of the company’s growth. A customer is highly satisfied if they are easily able to connect with your company easily.


Manage Large Call Volumes

With the capacity of managing a large number of calls, you will not miss out on a single customer and improve overall customer experience.


Optimize Agent’s Efficiency

Track operational productivity to gain a full picture of their efficacy using detailed tracking data, and use the same to increase their efficiency.

Personalized Greeting

The system is smart, we must say. It goes all the way to impress the clients by adding a personalized touch to the call.


Call Recording

Every call communication is recorded in real time so that you can listen to it later and maintain quality standards.


Auto-attending System

Auto-attending feature acts as a virtual receptionist, greets your customers, and transfers them to the dedicated extension according to the client’s needs.

Why Choose Airson?

Omni Channel Solution

Everything at one place, that’s AIRSON. Set it and forget it.

99.99% SLA

Airson offers 99.99% SLA uptime industry standards to keep up your businesses.

Best In Class Pricing

Unbeatable pricing for telecom services on the market that offer best-in-class solutions.

24x7 Support

Technical support is available around-the-clock to improve your customer service and keep your business running smoothly.

API Integration

Connecting CRM and other third-party technologies will help you reinvent your business operations.

Ready to Use Cloud Telephony

Just choose the plan suits to you and start using ready to use our cloud telephony.