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Why do you Need a Toll-free Number?

Let your customers communicate with you for free with toll-free numbers. It encourages them to call you without being concerned about incurring call charges. Additionally, it improves the organization’s reputation as a credible organization.

There are numerous practical features that come with a toll-free number like call recording, call monitoring, and analytics. These features can offer the business owner thorough business insights for better decision-making. Both agent performance and call quality can be measured. A toll-free number can be utilized by businesses for marketing and customer service as a missed call number.

Fundamentally, having a free phone number that your end consumers may call to have a brief conversation and get their problems resolved improves the image of your business. A company that is prepared to go above and beyond to assist its client and uphold its reputation must provide this kind of service.



Using our toll-free services, you can improve your customer service.

Live Call Dashboard

Keep track of your calls on a real-time call monitoring interface and get exact information on active, on-hold, and dropped calls.

Numbers Selection

Select the toll-free number from a large range of premium numbers that will best help you promote your business.

Call Management Solutions

An all-in-one call monitoring system can provide call recording, transferring, redirection, and other important calling features.

SMS Alert

SMS alerts on the basis of Missed call, Answered Call, No Answer call to your agents.

Agent Productivity Reports

Track operational productivity to gain a full picture of their efficacy using detailed tracking data.

API Integration

Through our API which will be integrated into your CRM, you will have access to live tracking and data will be shared with you through google sheets.


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Get More at Minimal Expenses

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A happy customer multiplies a company’s growth many times over. Your company will expand if you have an easily recognizable toll-free number.

Establish Global Presence

Thanks to the free calling option, visitors from all over the world may easily identify their issues and get them fixed right away.

Effortless Number Portability

You can easily relocate your company without making an attempt to change your phone number for each address.

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SMS integration

Keep track of all calls and receive instant SMS notifications for any missed calls by the operator.

Establish Brand Recall Value

Promote your special vanity toll-free number on billboards or in print ads to attract more targeted leads and clients.

Agent Productivity Reports

Track operational productivity utilizing thorough tracking data to get a complete view of their effectiveness.

Why Choose Airson ?


Omni Channel Solution

Everything in one place, that’s AIRSON. Set it and forget it.

99.99% SLA

Airson offers 99.99% SLA uptime industry standards to keep up your businesses.

Best In Class Pricing

Unbeatable pricing for telecom services on the market that offer best-in-class solutions.

24X7 Support

Technical support is available around-the-clock to improve your customer service and keep your business running smoothly.

API Integration

Connecting CRM and other third-party technologies will help you reinvent your business operations.

Ready to Use Cloud Telephony

Just choose the plan suits to you and start using ready to use our cloud telephony.