SMS Solutions


Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool that helps to promote your company, service, or products directly to the recipient’s mobile phone. Using a promotional SMS gateway for business promotion is a primary marketing channel predominately used by B2C organizations to increase sales and maintain customer satisfaction.


Transactional SMS

A transactional SMS is a non-marketing automated text message that companies send to support their audience along the customer journey.

Among the most common transactional SMS types are order confirmations, welcome text messages, and shipping updates.


SMS Retries

Retry refers to the process of the SMSC retrying to deliver an SMS message that failed to be delivered during a time period the message is valid, which is usually 48 hours.

If delivery of a message fails the SMSC starts a retry procedure that tries to deliver the message periodically.

3rd Party Application Integration

Third Party API Integration Services are utilized for business websites or web applications that aid in the efficient management of business processes. With the aid of Third Party API Integration services, a business can provide better customer experiences and enhance its online services.

Scheduling SMS Campaigns

Scheduling text messages is extremely easy. Airson Telecom offers several flexible options for setting up your texts to send either to a single person or large groups of contacts all at once.

Additionally, you can use our text blast service to schedule messages on a repeated basis for cases that require recurring notifications.


Integrated DND Check

You can simply run an SMS campaign on the database with a dedicated missed call number. This way you can ask people to give missed calls to opt-in for SMS communications from you.

All the opt-ins will be managed at the online panel itself. This data can be downloaded in .csv or .txt format

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