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Automated Outbound Calling

An automated calling solution is a process that enables recorded voice interaction with the caller without human intervention. It enables businesses to place concurrent automated outbound call blasts on their target customers.

Enables recorded voice interaction with the caller without human intervention with Airson Telecom Solutions. It enables businesses to place concurrent automated outbound call blasts on their target customers.

Auto Dialer

Ineffective voice-call interactions with customers can hurt your business in terms of revenue, retention, and reputation. Predictive dialer software allows us to identify and overcome inefficiencies associated with voice-based customer interactions.

It helps you boost agent productivity and customer experience.

Device Based Dialer

The dialer is a type of call center software used to automate the dialing of customer phone numbers and to easily document the outcome of these calls. Dialers can also be used to broadcast recorded messages through interactive voice response (IVR), push notifications, and SMS.

Based on whether a customer answers the outbound call, a dialer system can route the call to an agent, use voice bots for automated collection, play a message, or move on to the next number on the list of contacts.

Premised Based

Auto dialers and the predictive hosted dialer have become an increasingly important part of customer outreach and engagement. With the ability to efficiently dial a sequence of numbers from your business’ call list while screening for non-answers, dialers can reduce idle time for agents while also helping ensure that an agent will always be available to answer when a customer picks up. For these reasons, many businesses see dialers as a crucial part of the calling environment, whether agents are involved in areas of sales, marketing, technical support or customer service.

Cloud Based

A cloud-based predictive dialer is a software that dials a list of numbers quickly to deliver more human connections on call. Cloud predictive dialer filters the busy tone, voicemail, unanswered calls, disconnected calls, and answering machine to connect the agent only when a human answer a call.

Cloud-based dialer supports sophisticated outbound strategies that leverage predictive, preview, and manual dialing, plus outbound IVR and alert messaging.

WFH-based Dialer

An auto dialer software is an outbound dialer that helps businesses automatically dial out a huge set of leads and saves significant time for your agents. It enables you to connect a customer to a live agent once the call has been patched up at the customer end. This leads to high productivity and efficiency.

Select the most relevant dialing algorithm and define your dialing strategy to control the way your auto-dialer makes outbound calls.

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