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Airson Telecom present its state of the art telephone based utility

  • About Airson Telecom Solutions
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    Airson has created telephony application development toolkits and call center plateforms that enable customer/partners to develop integrate, automated and intelligent systems that enhance business performance by developing an efficiant mechanism for handling large customer traffic across multiple commmunication media. Airson has extensive experience in mapping business processors to technology systems across diverse industries.

  • How unique are AIRSON's solutions?
    These are the Starship Enterprise

    We help to grow your business, we provide you with solutions which will help your prospective customers to contact you with ease. Just give your 20 minutes for learning about customized solution of OCC to create your brand into a HOT BRAND.

  • What other advantages do AIRSON solutions provide?
    These are the Starship Enterprise

    (Our Calll Center). It's an innovative, Creative, Smart And Systematic way to amplify the brandingof your organization. Multiply your market visibility and profitablity over 100 times. If you really have the burning fire to be the best in your business sectors, then we give you opportunity. Grab it before your competitor takes it. Avail our call centre services and save on your advertising costs right away !!

    The OCC system allows you to take the maximum number of calls without employing any extra manpower, and also answer back through recorded voice messages, thus making your work more systematic and automatic. OCC system even seven time in today’s various fast growing business sectors. AIRSON’s OCC service lets you to create an effective info-line, audio-text, or automated phone system solution for your business. Discover how we can improve your telecommunication systems with a range of solutions for various segments to optimize your business.

    AIRSON also has successfully endeavoured in the development of Concept Marketing through Telecom Media on a large scale.To maximize ypur market popularity and deeper penetration of your products or services, AIRSON can design brilliant Concept Marketing for your organization.